NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

nyx eyebrow kit

Hey beauties! So I’ve recently bought myself my very first eyebrow kit. Naturally, my brows are very dark colored and a little thick, so I never needed a brow kit before. However, I’ve noticed that my brows are a little bit unevenly shaped, so I got this powder brow kit to do a little bit of tweaking. I love it! It looks very natural and matches my hair color perfectly. There are a few colors, but I got brunette. I wouldn’t recommend this for people who need a lot of filling in or precise shaping for their brows. The applicator is not too precise, and for shaping brows, its better to use a pencil or gel/cream. But if you need to darken up the brows, or do some slight shaping, I would definitely recommend this product. I got it at target for $3!