Sleek Ultra Mattes V1 Palette 

Hello my friends :). I hope you all had an amazing spring break! And for the spring time, I would like to bring back those bright neon colors in your makeup routine.

Here is a review of my Sleek ultra mattes V1 palette. It is also basically a first impression since I literally just opened this package and tried it out :).

I will show yall some swatches, and then show you a list of my pros and cons. 🙂


All matte shades..(I double checked :p)

Here is a light blue, light red, purple, green, light red/pink, and yellow

Here is a light green, dark blue, orange, and the last three are hard to see, but they are a light pink, silver, and white.


Blend smoothly and feel soft despite being matte shadows

Very affordable ($12.49)

Compact case perfect for travelling

Great pigmentation

Can create a lot of looks with these colors

Comes with a mirror

Mattes are great for hooded lids


The pink and silver are the least pigmented

There are two shadows that seem almost identical (the red/pink colors)

You must use a white primer/base to get the full color payoff

There are no neutral colors for transition colors or to create smoky looks and daytime looks

Overall, I love this palette, and it reminds me of the sugar pill palettes (burning heart, heart breaker, sweetheart) .

Check out the youtube video below to see my review and the look I created with this palette :).

Thanks for reading 💋


Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack Matte Palette

Hello again everyone! Excited for spring break?! I hope you all have some fun things planned, because I sure don’t haha! Anyway, I thought I would review this Coastal Scents matte palette that I am obsessed with using right now.

It’s called a 42 Double Stack palette because it has two palettes stacked on top of eachother. 32 eyeshadows and 10 blushes. It was $24 on the coastal scents website when I bought it, but coastal scents have frequent sales on their website.

I wanted this palette in the first place because I found it to be a great dupe for the Sugar Pill palettes (burning heart, sweetheart, heart breaker).

coastal scents1coastal scents3

First off, this is supposed to be a matte palette. However…I can see about 4 shades with a tad bit of shimmer in them. But honestly, it is not enough to even notice on the lid. Only 3 blushes are matte (last two on bottom row, and 3rd on top row).

Some shades are smoother than others. A lot feel a little dry, which is bound to happen when you have matte shades. I noticed that the bottom row has the most pigmented shadows, and the top row is the least pigmented. The white and pinks are the least pigmented, and require a lot of packing on to get any color payoff…even with a white base and primer.

Here are the swatches of each row, and the last picture is the swatches for the blushes. They are hard to see, especially the first two, but they are very blendable and smooth 🙂

coastal scents swatch1coastal scents swatch2

coastal scents swatch3coastal scents swatch4

Here are the 10 blushes. The first two on the top are very hard to see.

coastal scents swatch5


Great color selection


Compact case that holds a lot of product

Good color payoff for a palette of this price


Some colors are less pigmented than others

The palette has a little bit of a chemical smell

The brushes it comes with are crappy

No mirror on the inside

Thank you for reading :). Check out my video below of a review and demo of me creating a look with this palette ❤