Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack Matte Palette

Hello again everyone! Excited for spring break?! I hope you all have some fun things planned, because I sure don’t haha! Anyway, I thought I would review this Coastal Scents matte palette that I am obsessed with using right now.

It’s called a 42 Double Stack palette because it has two palettes stacked on top of eachother. 32 eyeshadows and 10 blushes. It was $24 on the coastal scents website when I bought it, but coastal scents have frequent sales on their website.

I wanted this palette in the first place because I found it to be a great dupe for the Sugar Pill palettes (burning heart, sweetheart, heart breaker).

coastal scents1coastal scents3

First off, this is supposed to be a matte palette. However…I can see about 4 shades with a tad bit of shimmer in them. But honestly, it is not enough to even notice on the lid. Only 3 blushes are matte (last two on bottom row, and 3rd on top row).

Some shades are smoother than others. A lot feel a little dry, which is bound to happen when you have matte shades. I noticed that the bottom row has the most pigmented shadows, and the top row is the least pigmented. The white and pinks are the least pigmented, and require a lot of packing on to get any color payoff…even with a white base and primer.

Here are the swatches of each row, and the last picture is the swatches for the blushes. They are hard to see, especially the first two, but they are very blendable and smooth 🙂

coastal scents swatch1coastal scents swatch2

coastal scents swatch3coastal scents swatch4

Here are the 10 blushes. The first two on the top are very hard to see.

coastal scents swatch5


Great color selection


Compact case that holds a lot of product

Good color payoff for a palette of this price


Some colors are less pigmented than others

The palette has a little bit of a chemical smell

The brushes it comes with are crappy

No mirror on the inside

Thank you for reading :). Check out my video below of a review and demo of me creating a look with this palette ❤


bh Party Girl: After Hours Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey Beauties :). I just received my new Party Girl-After Hours Palette. Got this by mistake bc Amazon sent me the wrong palette. I actually ordered the Party Girl palette, which has 8 extra shades, so I was a little upset I missed out on those extras, but I’m not going to return this one bc I actually like it :).

party girl 1party girl 3

The packaging is cardboard, and has a mirror on the inside. it comes with 32 shades, which includes 4 diamond shades in the center that are full of shimmer. There are 16 matte, and 16 shimmer, so its literally half and half!

This palette is full of cool tones. Lots of purples and blues. I love this palette for my green eyes because of the purples.

The Pigmentation is great in this palette. But its almost necessary to use a primer and/or white base to get the full color payoff. The diamond shades are actually the least pigmented, which is disappointing because I was really looking forward to that red.

Here are the swatches!

party girl 4party girl 5

party girl 6party girl 7

These swatches are without primer or a white base.

But I did create this look using this palette 🙂

after hours look

This palette runs about $18, but bh cosmetics usually has sales going on on their website.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Theres a link to my youtube video of this review below. Thank you so much for reading 🙂

Sleek i-Divine Palettes

I love getting makeup. I love it even more when they arrive a month earlier than expected. And that’s exactly what happened to me with these palettes! I got them in the mail today. but wasn’t supposed to get them until about February 22nd. They come from the UK, so if you plan on purchasing any sleek products soon, expect to wait. or maybe you will get lucky like me and get them as a surprise super early!

So the palettes I got today were the Oh So Special, and the Sunset palette. the packaging is a little smaller than I thought, but I like it because I originally bought these palettes because they were small enough to be carried around. They are about the length of your hand, and super lightweight. The packaging also feels very secure. But the plastic catches dirt and makeup a lot so I already kept getting mine dirty :P.


So let’s start with the Oh So Special palette. Very beautiful, neutral, smoky colors. There’s a mix of shimmers and mattes. Shimmers being organza, gift basket, glitz, celebrate, and gateau. The mattes are bow, ribbon, pamper, boxed, wrapped up, and noir. I’m a matte gal, so this was a big deal to me to have a palette that was so versatile with the colors, and could double as a day/evening palette. Left pic is top row of palette, and right pic is bottom row.


IMG_7343 IMG_7356

Next is the Sunset palette. My favorite :).  All the colors are shimmers, except for the matte black. These colors are just so amazing. Vibrant, rich, and would go good with any eye color. I actually think that these colors glide on better than the Oh So Special palette shadows do. Probably just because this palette is shimmery, and shimmers go on a lot easier than matte shadows. Mostly because matte shadows can be more dry than others.  Left pic is top row, right pic is bottom.


Overall, I love these palettes and will definitely be purchasing from Sleek again. This is my first Sleek purchase, and I’m so  glad it was a good experience. Let me know of your favorite Sleek palettes or other products :). Thanks for reading!

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