Red Cherry Eyelashes #523

Hey guys! So I have finally hopped on the bandwagon and bought myself my first pair of false eyelashes. Is it weird that I was incredibly intimidated to put these on? Thinking of all possible worst scenarios that could happen like getting glue in my eye, or them falling off while talking to someone. It just made me nervous. But I did it, and I made sure I got the best in the business.

I always see a lot of great things about Red Cherry lashes. 100% human hair, very affordable, and they have sooooo many to choose from. I got the #523 in black. It did not come with glue, but that’s ok bc I wanted to get the Duo lash glue. I recommend buying this instead of using the glue they give you.

So, I’ve attached some before and after pics! I hoped of helped you in decided the lashes that you want, or to try Red Cherry lashes!
PS: it wasn’t that bad putting them on for the first time. Although, they are a bit uneven haha. Practice makes perfect!