My favorite Under-Eye Treatment 

Sorry for not posting in a while! But I think you will really enjoy this product review. Especially if you suffer from those pesky dark circles like I do 😖

I received this product as a sample from my April Ipsy Glam Bag. These under eye patches from KLORANE LABORATORIES are hypoallergenic, and contain naturally soothing  remedies to reduce the swelling of those bags. 

The cornflower, flower extract, and seed oil contained in these patches left me with a soothing, tingling feeling as I kept these patches on for the allotted 15-20 mins. 


Since I received a sample of these, I only got two sets of patches which wasn’t enough to confirm if these patches actually helped reduce my under eye bags. But I liked the feeling of these patches so much that I would actually purchase them in the future. 

From using these patches twice, I did however notice that my under eye skin felt soft and lifted up a bit. the cooling feeling probably helped with the skin lifting. 

In order for any under eye area treatments to work, it is very important to drink lots of water to make sure your hydration isn’t why your skin looks unhealthy.

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Thanks for reading! 💋