DIY Lip Scrub to Smoothen and Plump

So if you’re anything like me, you love to naturally enhance your natural beauty. If you feel like your lips are a little too small or dull, and are constantly chapped/peeling, this post is for you!

The way this recipe works to plump your lips, is it causes more blood to flow through your lips from the stimulation of toothbrush bristles. Also, the bristles, along with the sugar help to exfoliate all the dead skin from your lips. The Vaseline and lip balm will retain moisture and protect your lips from outdoor climates. All this together keeps your lips healthy, plump, and extremely soft!

This lip scrub recipe is made out of things that are guaranteed to already be in your house.

What you will need is:
2 teaspoons of sugar
1 teaspoon of Vaseline
1 teaspoon of olive oil (or coconut, argan, etc)
1 teaspoon of your favorite lip balm
An empty container with a lid
A toothbrush

Mix it all together, until you get a thick exfoliating mixture. I couldn’t find a container I liked, so I used a contact case:)


Take a glob of the mixture on your toothbrush (use a seperate toothbrush than your daily one!) and start to rub it into your lips in circular motions. Do that for about two minutes, and it will give you a great tingly sensation :).

Do this a few times a week, and you (and your significant other :p) will not get tired of licking your new smackers!


Make sure to check out my YouTube video associated with this blog post!

Thanks for reading!! 🙂


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